Dubai!!!!what a bespoke and lifetime experience. Dubai is such a futuristic city with the different building architectures,(wow!) very clean and expensive too. Our first day in Dubai,  checked in at Four Points Sheraton Hotel right after that we went straight to the Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall on earth! they do have 1,200 stores which obviously we didn’t end up checking the entire store for a day. Next to that is the Burj Kalifha which is the tallest building on earth, I suggest going there at night as it sparkles like a diamond at night. Alright day 2, We went to the Gold souk where it’s a strip mall with all jewelries stores I suggest visiting to this place not only that but you’ll get to see the largest gold ring on earth. After Gold Souk, went to The Miracle Garden which is the largest garden i’ve ever been. It is so unique too, with the plane covered in flowers, the heart shapes, the houses covered in flowers I mean you guys need to visit there. ok, sooo after that we went to go check out the Mall of Emirates which is a decent size mall not as the size of Dubai Mall but, they do have an indoor ski slope how sick is that?!  3rd day, we went to go see the famous hotel Burj Al Arab it is since we don’t have reservation there you are not allowed to get in there because it is a 7 star hotel were rich people stay at they want their privacy. So when you get there jut tell the cab to take you to Kite Beach and that will lead you around that place. Then we went to Dubai Mall again haha!to get our shopping done since we leave the next morning to Abu Dhabi to explore the rest of UAE. Day 4th, time to leave Dubai 😦 I love Dubai, like I said it is a lifetime experience  and oh! when you get to visit UAE try Beef Shawarma because it is so good! ok so on for that. I hope you guys enjoyed my story telling for today because I sure did enjoyed being the story teller 🙂 alright peace you all and have a good one! till my next blog xo-rizelle


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