When in Abu Dhabi

We stayed at St Regis Hotel Sadiyat Island I highly recommend staying there it is a five star hotel and very expensive too. But, since we went to Abu Dhabi during winter we got a pretty good deal 🙂 sweet! The hotel is very nice it is the nicest hotel that we ever stayed at including the people who work there are nice too. Our first day in Abu Dhabi, we went to Yas Mall to grab lunch it’s a decent size mall with different kinds of stores from luxury to affordable stores attached to that is the Ferrari world, If you have kids then you should take them there because they will have so much fun. It is actually a theme park with different rides to be honest me and my husband did not enjoyed a lot I think it’s because we are a big car fan and we expected that there will be bunch of ferrari cars instead only 4 or 5. Right after that we went to the Grand Mosque I would suggest going there after 5 in the afternoon because of the sunset you can captured beautiful pictures. The Mosque is huge it is huuuggeee! it is very beautiful first time i’ve been in to a mosque and a beautiful one. Before you go do not wear shorts or else you will not be allowed to go in, There is no fee to get in and obviously you can bring your camera and phone to take lots of pictures. when you get there you will get through with security check with after that you will be given a Hijab for women. I suggest to go by yourself if you’re like us that do not want to be in a big group but now that I think about I wish we could have went with a tour guide to learn more about the Mosque but in the other hand it’s ok because we do not want to get stuck with the group since we have a baby  with us. Other than that take your time and enjoy and take lots of pictures! Alright, day 2 in Abu Dhabi we went to Marina mall we grabbed lunch and walk around the mall I suggest to go to the elevator and go up to the highest floor i forgot what they call it is not rooftop but we just happened to be curious and we up high we did not know that there is 2 restaurants on top of it were you can view the entire Abu Dhabi  which is pretty amazing. After that went back to the hotel and had a beach day we were going to jump in the beach but it was too cold to swim so we decided to chill in the pool. Our 2nd day was just relaxing because we are leaving the next morning at 3am so we had to wake up at 1am bummer!right? so the rest of that day was just relax,nap and oh I caught a bug great!not looking forward to be in a 14hr flight with cold and cough! ugh I hate it so much. ok so I hope I didn’t bored you guys, till my next blog. peace and take it easy xo-Rizelle


St Regis Hotel Sadiyat Island


Yas Mall


Ferrari World


Grand Mosque


Marina Mall





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